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1. Eden or A compleat body of gardening both in knowledge and practice directing the gardener in this work for every distinct week int the year... and shewing the proprietor those shrubs, plants and flowers which are most usually cultivated in gardens... illustrated with figures of about four hundred of the finest shrubs, flowers and plants / by J. Hill... [Material gráfico]

por Hill, John | Wale, Samuel [dib.] | Grignion, Charles [grab.] | Cotes, Francis [dib.] | Edwards, C.A [dib.] | Darly [grab.] | Houston, R [grab.] | Hill, John [, grab. y dib.] | Bute, John Stuart, Earl of [, ded.].

Edición: The second edition corrected and enlarged with the addition of twenty folio plates of new plants, now first raised in the Royal Garden at KewEditor: London : printed for the author in St. James's Street and sold by all booksellers, 1773Disponibilidad: Ítems disponibles para préstamo: PR Real Biblioteca [Signatura topográfica: IX/8397] (1).
2. Figures of the most beautiful, useful, and uncommon Plants described in the Gardener's dictionary, exhibited on three hundred copper plates... / by Philip Miller, F.R.S... ; in two volumes, vol. I [-II] [Material gráfico]

por Miller, Philip | Miller, John [dib. y grab.] | Jefferys, Thomas [grab.] | Mynde, James [grab.] | Ehret, Georg Dionysius [dib.] | Houstoun [dib.] | Lancake, Rich [dib.] | Müller, Johann Sebastien [grab.] | Bartram, John [dib. ] | Miller, Philip [imp.] | Rivington, John [libr. ] | Millar, Andrew [libr.] | Woodfall, Henry [libr.] | Whiston, John [libr.] | White, Benjamin, I [libr.] | Hinton, John [libr.] | Hawkins, George [libr.] | Baldwin, Richard [libr.] | Richardson, John [libr.] | Johnston, William [libr.] | Crowder, Stanley [libr.] | Davey, P [libr.] | Law, Bedwell [libr.] | Caslon, Thomas [libr.] | Dodsley, James [libr.] | Bedford, John Russell, Duke of [ ded.].

Editor: London : printed for the Author and sold by John Rivington in St. Paul's Church-Yard, A. Millar, H. Woodfall, J. Whiston and B. White, J. Hinston, G. Hawkins, R. Baldwin, J. Richardson, W. Johnston, S. Crowder, P. Davey and B. Law, T. Caslon and J. Dodsley, 1760Disponibilidad: Ítems disponibles para préstamo: PR Real Biblioteca [Signatura topográfica: IX/7592] (1).
3. The Gardeners Dictionary : containing the Best and Newest methods of cultivating and improving the Kitchen, Fruit, Flower Garden, and Nursery; As also for Performing the Practical Parts of agriculture: including The Management of Vineyards, with the Methods of making and preserving wine, According to the present Practice of The most skilful Vignerons in the several Wine Countries in Europe. Together with directions for propagating and improving, From real Practice and Experience, all sorts of timber trees / by Philip Miller...

por Miller, Philip | Miller, Philip [imp.] | Rivington, Francis [libr.] | Rivington, John [libr.] | Millar, Andrew [libr.] | Whiston, John [libr.] | Strahan, William [libr.] | Hinton, John [libr.] | Baldwin, Richard [libr.] | White, Benjamin, I [libr.] | Hawes, Lacey [libr.] | Clarke, William [libr.] | Collins, Robert [libr.] | Johnston, William [libr.] | Caslon, Thomas [libr.] | Crowder, Stanley [libr.] | Longman, Thomas, II [libr.] | Law, Bedwell [libr.] | Rivington, Charles, II [libr.] | Dodsley, James [libr.] | Griffin, William [libr.] | Cadell, Thomas, II [libr.] | Lowndes, Thomas [libr.] | Bladon, Samuel [libr.] | Robinson, George [libr.] | Roberts, John [libr. ] | Payne, Thomas, I [libr.] | Miller, John [dib. y grab.] | Wale, Samuel [dib.] | Rooker, Edward [grab.] | Haynes, John [grab.] | Ehret, Georg Dionysius [grab.].

Edición: The eighth edition, Revised and Altered according to the latest system of botany; and Embellished with several copper-plates, which were not in some former EditionsEditor: London : printed for the Author : and sold by John and Francis Rivington, at Nº 62, St. Paul's Church-yard : A. Millar : J. Whiston : W. Strahan : J. Hinton : R. Baldwin : B. White : L. Hawes and W. Clarke and R. Collins : W. Johnston : T. Caslon : S. Crowder : T. Longman : B. Law : C. Rivington : J. Dodsley : W. Griffin : T. Cadell : T. Lowndes : S. Bladon : G. Robinson : and J. Roberts : and T. Payne, 1768Disponibilidad: Ítems disponibles para préstamo: PR Real Biblioteca [Signatura topográfica: IX/7593] (1).
4. Dictionnaire des Jardiniers et des cultivateurs / par Philippe Miller ; traduit de l'Anglois sur la VIIIe edition ; avec un grand nombre d'Additions de differens genres, par MM. le président de Chazelles, le conseiller Holandre ; tome premier -[huitième]

por Miller, Philip | Le Francq, Benoît [imp. y libr.] | Chazelles, Laurent Marie de [trad.] | Holandre, François.

Edición: Nouvelle édition, dans laquelle on a rectifié un très-grand nombre d'endroits de l'édition de ParisEditor: A Bruxelles : chez Benoit le Francq, Imprimeur-Libraire, rue de la Magdelaine, 1786-1789Disponibilidad: Ítems disponibles para préstamo: PR Real Biblioteca [Signatura topográfica: VIII/16557] (8).
5. Dictionnaire des jardiniers : contenant les méthodes les plus sûres et les plus modernes pour cultiver et améliorer les jardins potagers, à fruits, à fleurs et les pépinieres... et dans lequel on donne des préceptes pour multiplier et faire prospérer tous les objets soumis à l'agriculture... / ouvrage traduit de l'Anglois, sur la huitieme edition de Philippe Miller par une Société de gens de léttres... ; tome premier -[huitième]

por Miller, Philip | Chazelles, Laurent Marie de [trad.] | Guillot, Jean-François-Hubert [libr.] | Quillau, François-Augustin [imp.] | Société de gens de lettres (París).

Editor: A Paris : chez Guillot, Libraire de Monsieur, rue S.-Jacques, vis-à-vis celle des Mathurins, 1785Disponibilidad: Ítems disponibles para préstamo: PR Real Biblioteca [Signatura topográfica: VIII/8250] (8).
6. The second volume of The Gardeners Dictionary : with completes work / by Philip Miller, F.R.S. Gardener to the Worshipful Company Apothecaries, at their Botanic Garden at Chelsea

por Miller, Philip | Miller, Philip. Gardeners Dictionary | Rivington, Charles, I [imp.] | Miller, Philip [imp.] | Code, B [grab.] | Ghret, G.D [grab.].

Editor: London : printed for the Author : and sold by Charles Rivington, at the Bible and Crow in St. Paulś Church-yard, 1739Disponibilidad: Ítems disponibles para préstamo: PR Real Biblioteca [Signatura topográfica: III/810] (1).