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1. C. Julii Caesaris Commentarii de bello gallico y civili / cum notis selectis Thomae Bentleji et Jacobi Jurini ; tomus I [-II]

por César, Cayo Julio | Hircio, Aulo. De bello Gallico | Hircio, Aulo | Oppius, Gaius | Pollio, Caius Asinius | Vossius, Gerardus Joannes | Dodwell, Henry | Bentley, Thomas [ed. lit.] | Jurin, James [ed. lit.] | Scattaglia, Pietro [grab.] | Bettinelli, Tommaso [imp.].

Editor: Venetiis : apud Thomam Bettinelli, 1783Disponibilidad: Ítems disponibles para préstamo: PR Real Biblioteca [Signatura topográfica: MC/1268] (3).
2. A Compleat system of General Geography : explaining The Nature and Properties of the Earth... / originally written in latin by Bernhard Varenius M. D. Since ; improved and Illustrated By Sir Isaac Newton and Dr. Jurin ; and now Translated into English ; with additional Notes, Copper-Plates, an Alphabetical Index, and other Improvements, Particularly useful to Students in the Universities, Travellers, Sailors, and all those who desire to be aquainted with Mixed Mathematics, Geography, Astronomy, and Navigation By Mr. Dugdale ; the whole Revised and Corrected by Peter Shaw, M. D. ; vol. I-[II]

por Varenius, Bernhardus | Newton, Isaac [ed. lit.] | Jurin, James [ed. lit.] | Shaw, Peter [rev.] | Dugdale, Willian [trad.] | Austen,Stephen [imp.].

Edición: The Second Edition, with large AdditionsEditor: London : printed for Stephen Austen, at the Angle and Bible, in St Paul's Church-Yard, 1734Disponibilidad: Ítems disponibles para préstamo: PR Real Biblioteca [Signatura topográfica: XIX/3995] (1).